Saturday, February 28, 2015

All OS Versions and MIDI Interfaces Upgraded

After the OS X 10.10 debacle - why do they have to break drivers every release now? - I returned the experimental machine to 10.9.5. Then, I had two older 2010 Superdrive Mac Minis that were still 10.6.8 machines, so I maxed the RAM out in them and moved to 10.9.5 there too. Now, for the first time in years, all of my Macs are running the same OS X version. Well, I still have a G4 450 Cube on 10.4.11, but that's just for nostalgia at this point.

Once I got all four Macs on the same release, I had to change MIDI interfaces, because the old EDIROL drivers were broken, and the product isn't supported anymore. I have MOTU MIDI Express 128 interfaces on all machines now, and everything works perfectly. All of the machines also have Encore 5.0.7 and Logic Pro 10. One of the systems - the one in the master bedroom - is primarily dedicated to programming the FS1R. I put it in an old Anthro desk that was originally designed for the early iMac - I put my Cube there - and came up with a nice solution for a dual monitor setup. The old 24" LED Cinema Display was the largest one that would fit - I still love the 1920x1200 aspect ratio - and for the top, I put an old 32" 720p Sony TV in the HTMI jack that I just had laying around. It works fantastically.