Thursday, May 31, 2018

Synclavier 3 and Core MIDI Allow Encore to Be the Sequencer

Core MIDI now allows me to record MIDI sequences directly from the Encore music processor into the Synclavier's Digital Memory Recorder in real time. This allows me to capture all of the tempos, tempo changes, dynamics and dynamic changes I program into the sequences within Encore. Those elements are lost if I just export a Type 1 MIDI file from Encore and drop that into the Synclavier. This is a great advance!

I do however wish I had been able to get Encore's VST player to work with Arturia's Synclavier V virtual instrument, but sadly, I have not been able to get that to function. Huge disappointment, as Synclavier V would allow me to eliminate the Synclavier hardware entirely and never be outside of the Encore environment. IOW, the ultimate dream come true for me. Oh well.

I would note that I really only need thirty-two tracks, though. Two-hundred-eight is overkill. ;^)