Monday, April 30, 2018

Synclavier Studio 1 Complete

Took a little sorting out - doesn't it always? - but I now have my first Synclavier 3 Studio set up.

I decided on an older 24" monitor for the larger size at any given resolution, and the fact that it gives me more space on the keyboard for a music/document stand. I will be transcribing a lot of music into the Synclavier!

I use both a Magic Trackpad 2 and an old optical trackball because the trackball is better for entering music notation.

I have a 63" Panasonic plasma TV for monitor two. Having the button panel very large is a huge help.

The virtual control knob is far superior to the physical one with the +/- 1, 10, 100 buttons

It also doubles as my home theater now. The Turbosound live sound monitors and Bryston amp sound killer.

The GEO is George Clinton of Parliament/Funkadelic. It's a Synclavier monitor case.