Sunday, April 20, 2008

The RMC Nylon Fly is On the Way

Sorry for the two week hiatus, but I've been dealing with some technical issues, namely that my truck suffered a malfunction necessitating hauling it to the dealership 140 miles north in Odessa. To add insult to injury, the windshield was cracked at some point up there, probably by the dealership or in their lot, so that will have to be dealt with here at some point.

But I don't care about that, because Jim just emailed and is shipping my Cedar Nylon Fly back to me tomorrow. He was going to ship it UPS Ground, which takes at least five days, but, of course, I told him I'd gladly pay the extra thousand quatloos to have it shipped Previous Day via Time Displacement Generator. LOL! I should get it Wednesday afternoon.

Jim documented his work.

Since cedar is stupid soft, Jim described drilling on it as, "nerve-wracking."

I would think, "time-consuming" with tiny saws like that.

The Polydrive I unit is miniscule, which we needed for such a thin guitar.

Those Tall Acoustic Gold saddles sure do look comforting. Both of my Godins have the shorter versions, and these are supposed to sound even better.

I'll also have the 13-pin connector to run synths and MIDI gear, of course.

I can't wait. I've set up my rehearsal studio - read spare bedroom - so I can begin to practice standing up. Yay!

The lighting is kind of weird, but that's her real hair color. I know because - ahem - everything matches.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Parker Nylon Fly Update

I was going to do an April Fool's post - I'm betting readers know Johann Bach and Giuseppe Verdi translate as John Brook and Joe Green, however - when these came in.

Jim had to fabricate an ebony filler piece to replace the hole left by the Parker's original bridge: Nice work.

Excellent fit. When he refinishes the bridge, it will blend in almost perfectly, grain and all. This is why you never hurry the luthier. Jim's going to be out of town until the eleventh, which is really not an issue since he had to order yet another part from RMC anyway, and that won't be in for a while yet.

This is good news, actually, since he's been doing the back-and-forth with Richard to make sure everything works like I want it to. As rational as I am about it, I must admit to being out of my mind with anticipation, however.

Healthy girls are happy girls, and happy girls are healthy girls. Mmmmmmm!