Thursday, June 30, 2016

Anachron: Syns of My Youth, for Synth Band

So, I've had a working Synclavier again for just two months, and I already have an album ready (These are 32 voice sequences, so I'm just using one system for this EP). It's entitled, Anachron: Syns of My Youth, for Synth Band since all of these sequences were created from the end of 1984 through the beginning of 1988. I have changed absolutely nothing - no tweaks at all - and all of these sequences are just the Synclavier, with no effects: No reverb, no EQ, no compression; nothing.

As I mentioned previously, these are songs I played with the band I was in at the time, which was called B-Rock, after the drummer/vocalist, whose first name is Brock. We didn't play to these sequences, I just did them for myself to jam to, in order that I might get ideas for guitar solos, &c. Plus, I figured if we did an album, they would give the producer some ideas. Back in the day, I had the Synclavier synched to an E-Mu Drumulator, but I've decided to release them just as they are, with no percussion, electric guitar, or vocals. The main synth parts are the Synclavier Guitar parts that I performed live, and the bass parts are my transcriptions of what Jimmy played (We were a power trio). I was playing a stereo MESA/Boogie rig with a pair of Mk II combos at the time, so the missing electric guitar would have doubled the synth part with a sweet and smooth Boogie Simul-Class overdrive sound. The sound effects are my ideas and timbre programs, with a few exceptions.

I have some alternate versions - there are dozens of disks with various versions - so this probably won't be the absolute last word, but the the nine tracks are there, and in the final order. These are CD quality AIFF files, so you'll need to have QuickTime activated in your browser.

1) Landing

2) Present Time

3) You Can Find Me

4) Because

5) In Search

6) Only Asking

7) What We Say

8) Look Up

9) Liftoff

There has been a big void in my life without a Synclavier.

This little EP project will allow me to learn what I need to distribute my music in today's world with the new services, like Distro Kid, that can get your music everywhere. Then I'll be able to get on with two other albums I have all of the music composed for, which are Fuga Electronica, for Synth Orchestra and Sonatae, for Synth Guitar. Plus, I have Fuga Scientifica, for Synth Ensembles, and Duas, for Synth Guitars both over 75% done. So wonderful to finally be able to realize my compositions the way I've always wanted to.