Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Epic Vacation in my Ferrari 456M

Finally took a much needed break from all things music. Basically, it had been over nine years since I did anything like this. Last time was on a BMW K1200LT motorcycle, but this time it was in the Ferrari. I left at 4:30 AM on the 24th and got to Roswell, NM the first evening. Some nice areas of Texas, but familiar to me, so I didn't take any photos. Left from Roswell at 4:30 AM on the 25th, and went through 200 miles of rain and wet roads in the dark. Quite an intense adventure, actually, and the Ferrari was perfect. This was all on US380 across the state, and then I hooked up to I25 on a jog north to Socorro, NM, where I hit US60. West of Socorro the rain ended and the sun came up.

Into the sunrise on US60 west of Socorro.

Away from the sunrise on US60 west of Socorro.

Just a few miles down the highway is the VLA - Very Large Array - radio telescope. This has been used as a set in several science-fiction films, one of which was 2010 that had a scene where Roy Scheider's character was sitting on one of the dish towers.

At the VLA radio telescope.

Took a scenic detour via NM12 and into the Gila National Forest. It was beautiful, but it was a two lane road with no shoulders and no places to pull off, ergo no pics. Fantastic drive, though. After snaking up through the Apache National Forest in AZ, I rejoined US60 to head down through the Apache reservations. This is a very famous road with miles of switchbacks, esses, and sweeping curves. There were plenty of RV's - it was Friday - but I still had clear road for a few good stretches (Passing RV's in a Ferrari is amazing fun. It just takes a couple of seconds. lol! Only a motorcycle could do it better). Probably needless to say, the Ferrari is the awesomest car on the planet for that kind of driving, so my cheeks hurt from smiling by the time the road straightened out. That road was the thing I wanted to do on this trip, and it was as near perfect as one could hope for. Here are a couple of pics on US60; the first where it started getting interesting, and the second in the Apache reservation right before the really serious stuff.

US60 in northern AZ.

US60 in the Apache reservation.

That was some tiring driving (!!!), so I was happy when I got down to Tucson and met Peg and Tim. Peg used to book gigs for me out west, and so the three of us headed out for Mexican food and Margaritas. I love Tucson. I'm tempted to move there, but I know I belong here.

Peg and Tim ready to order and drink!

This next stunt would be impossible in any two-seat Ferrari: The three of us headed up to Prescott the next morning. So glad I got this model for my first Ferrari. I want a two-seater someday, but not today!

Tim and Peg, waiving the peace sign (We're old hippies!)

We stayed at the historic Hassayampa Inn in Prescott, which is walking distance from their famous Whiskey Row of bars (This was the point). Old people think ahead before doing a bar crawl!

The beautiful Hassayampa Inn lobby.

The famous Whiskey Row. We hit 'em all!

Next day we went back to Tucson via Sedona, and north AZ is very beautiful coniferous forest.

Near Sedona, AZ.

Left Peg and Tim to head to Alpine, TX, where I used to live. Just hung out with a few friends for my last night away before coming home.

Ready to head back to Texas.

Prada Marfa. A local artist's gag.

An almost deserted Railroad Blues, Alpine, TX.

Last call tequila shot. Next morning home.

It was awesome and I needed it bad.