Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Setting Up Synclavier^3 for Recording from an External Sequencer

Another month, more progress. I had to ask the programmer how to do this, as the documentation is still in an early state of evolution.

The first step is to set Synclavier^3 up to sync to MIDI time code. In Preferences, go to the Real Time Settings tab and check the box called Use MIDI Time Code for SMPTE Input. This will make the Synclavier wait for MIDI Time Code before it starts, making it effectively a slave to the external sequencer (The Encore notation program, in my case).

Here is the RTS tab with the box checked.

Second, you set the Synclavier up to Record. In the MIDI ROUTING DISPLAY page in the Terminal window, set Sync In to OMS (OMS stands for Opcode MIDI System, which is an old format that the Synclavier is stuck with). Sync Out and Echo should be OFF. Inputs should be set to ALL, Clock Type to MTC (MIDI Time Code), and OMS Input to ON.

To hear what is being recorded, you will have to put timbres on each track. Since I'm doing six track virtual guitar scores right now, I put a sine wave on each track and named them TR1 through TR6.

The Synclavier terminal page set up to record.

Finally, on either the physical button panel or the virtual one, light the SMPTE MODE button and select OMS MIDI Sync. Your sequencer should now be ready to be the master, and the Synclavier the slave.

The Synclavier set to receive external sync from the external sequencer.

Next month I should have it working. ;^)